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UI vs UX: Are You Here To Solve My Ketchup Problem?

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Are You Here To Solve My Ketchup Problem?




Marketing Quote of the Day

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Marketing Quotes and Memes

Marketing Quote of the Day

Gut Checking Your 2014 Integrated Digital Marketing Plan #GutCheck

How progressive brands are considering and prioritizing digital integration in their 2014 plans.

This deck shares key considerations throughout the planning process, discussing research and strategy, digital tactics vs. integrated programs, and full-funnel analytics.

American Marketing Association event, sponsored by ethology, presented by Mike Corak of ethology and Tina Hodson of Conn’s Home Plus.


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Infographic from Fisher Vista

Breaking “Bad Images” of your Brand

I finally caught up on Breaking Bad Season 5 (+”6″) after a year of dodging spoilers.

Since I am no longer afraid of seeing tumblr images about the show, I thought I’d repost two that are relevant to brand management & social media:

Breaking Bad Belize

Breaking Bad Belize Twitter




Pretty Cool Use of a QR Code…

March 27, 2013 1 comment

They say no one uses QR codes because it is too hard to push a button twice.

I wonder how many non-artists (without photoshop) took the time to see where this leads.

Istanbul’s Berrge Studio tested the dexterity of potential hires by requiring that tattoo artists fill in a QR code to access a job application.

On the hunt for new tattoo artists, the folks at Berrge Tattoo ran an advertisement in a local newspaper, featuring what is best described as the ghost of a QR code in the center of the page.

Created by Istanbul agency Büro, the ad featured copy notifying readers that Berrge Tattoo was hiring. Tattoo artists interested in applying for jobs were asked to demonstrate their skills through an unconventional method: filling in the QR code. Carefully.




I wonder how many immature people did this:

lol QR code



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